We have a large selection of Acrylic paints. We have an abundance of paints to use in store, which is included in the paint fee of only $2.50 per piece. If you wish to have your own supply of paint, then we have brand new bottles available for your purchase. You may also purchase individual paint pots to fill and use in the comfort of your own home. Prices on entire bottles of paint range in price, and each paint pot costs 50 cents.


We have many different colors of glitter available in store to add an extra sparkle to your pieces. Use of glitter is included in the paint fee of $2.50. Jars of glitter are not available for resale.


You may purchase and order different glazes in store, or you may use a selection of under glazes for a small fee in store. Glazing your piece is a different experience then using acrylic paint, but it is fun and makes your piece food safe. If you want to use your piece for containing or consuming food, as a vase or planter, or some other form of garden or kitchen supplies it must be glazed. Glazing is a longer process then using acrylic paints, and you will not be able to take your piece home that day. Unlike using acrylic paints, a glazed piece must be fired. Firing has an additional fee, but you do not have to pay the $2.50 paint fee.



We have a paint in store that makes your piece glow in the dark where ever you apply it. Use of glow in the dark paint is also included in the $2.50 paint fee. Unfortunately glow in the dark paint will leave a slight yellow-green residue on your piece. Glow in the dark paint is a fun addition to your pieces, and is very popular with children.